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Dentemax would some -month strategies over the next months that we could implement in each person’s position so that everybody knows  Dentemax what their part is in moving this marker forward on the vision and then we make some team agreements around those we talk about .


What will Dentemax happen that we can all agree to if the agreements are broken so there’s great clarity around all of that and then toward the end of the day usually we’ve done some pre surveys like anonymous confidential usually Survey Monkey kind of interviews.

With the team so we have usually identified some sort of emotional roadblock every team has an emotional roadblock of some kind so sometimes it’s trust sometimes it is optimism it could be accountability you know it could be all kinds of.

Things we try to identify what’s the common thread here and what we pick one that if we could get a breakthrough for the team around that they would be better as a team and so we develop our facilitators develop an experiential exercise and.

We pick from dozens and dozens but we pick one we don’t we do a lot of what would look like on the surface like we’re playing and we’re doing all these fun games but we don’t do anything fortuitously everything we do is very strategic and at.

What we call purposeful play so we develop an exercise and usually that’s where the location and the venue comes in so for example in the climbing gym it was for a team in Seattle it was a small team they were actually an extraordinary team extraordinary.

There one roadblock was that when things didn’t go well which didn’t wasn’t very often but occasionally they had a really bad day maybe procedures didn’t go well or they had a difficult patient or something happened maybe someone was out sick.

They weren’t they kind of unraveled they were not nice to each other they tempers flared and you know that was with a female dentist a female team and I think it just was like they just weren’t they were really good one of the things were going.

Well but if things didn’t go well they weren’t they didn’t do very well together so we create so I selected the climbing gym and I worked with the safety facilitator there so we did our meeting in a room it was upstairs and it had .

A glass wall and it looked down into the gym so that was cool and we did our meeting and we catered in lunch and that was all great and in the afternoon we came down into.