a best humana dental plans for seniors in usa

A best humana dental plans for seniors in usa

humana dental plans for seniors With the school health department in collaboration with Thanathanaporn Dental Clinic Narong Kiat (Located on the 6th floor of the 64th building), participated in the proactive dental program in the school. With the support of the National Health Security Office, District 13, Bangkok By providing free services to grade 1-2 students who give benefits to students participating in the project as follows:

 humana dental plans for seniors
humana dental plans for seniors

1. General Dentistry: oral health examination General consultation, fillings, scaling, removal of teeth, dentures both fixed and removable Including root canal treatment 
2. Pediatric Dentistry (Pediatric Dentistry) has a team of specialized dentists, ready to provide dental filling, scaling, removal of fluorite coatings. Sealant Treating root teeth and crowns as well as providing advice on how to take care of children’s teeth properly 
3. Orthodontics Orthodontics, treatment by arrangement of teeth By specialized medical team Covering the insertion of fixed and removable tools. 
4. Prosthodontics (Prothodontics) or dental implants Providing consultation and treatment for those who lose natural teeth There are both removable types. And the type is tight to choose In addition, crowns are also made.
5. Oral Surgery And magnitude Oral and Maxillofacial surgery, oral surgery servicesCovering implant dentistry A dental prosthesis, gingival surgery, tooth implantation, implantation, fascia correction, oral seizure Bone button decoration And cutting the jaw bone 
6. Dental Implant is a dental root treatment that focuses on root canal treatment and internal tissues. Have genuine root canal treatment, front teeth And genuine tooth root molar 
7. Gum Disease Dentistry And Peridontics, counseling services for gingivitis treatment Periodontitis And periodontal surgery, various gum surgery 
8. Cosmetic Dentistry is a branch of dental treatment. Focused on disorders And the size of the teeth to be improved